Daytime tech meetups in Brum?

I’ve got young family, so evening meetups in Brum are out (it takes me about an hour to get in from Malvern).

I recall Tech Wednesday (or a sibling thing) used to happen in the daytime, too, but it appears to have switched to evenings only.

Is there a decent tech meetup in Birmingham that happens during the working day?

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PS I’m aware of - but can’t see any non-niche meetups for lunchtimes/daytimes any more. Maybe that ship has sailed…

I’ve looked around but could not find noting. I’d love to see something similar to

@woo, what was the one that I met you at? That happens during the day one a month on a Friday.

There was also talk of a breakfast networking meet being organised by @bmi1854, which might be suitable once it gets started.

Birmingham Social Media Cafe organised by @KarenStrunks

OK, let’s flip this around (and paging @jess), what do you think of something happening like

  • every other Friday of the month
  • central Birmingham, close to a Station
  • lunchtime (1pm-2pm)
  • somewhere it’s possible to stick around co-working or chatting with people from the lunchtime gathering if people can stick around

Interesting/not interesting?


That new pub that wants customers is round the back of the Catholic Cathedral, fairly near Snow Hill

A friend of mine has been asking for a tech meeting that’s not in the evening for some time so that would be cool!

That would be a bit too short dont you think? Time flies fast these days. Make it 2+hrs and that should be enough.

Maybe, tho a core hour-long thing would make it easier for people working
office hours to justify/make work

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I like the idea of that, but I’m not sure I’d be able to attend as I only get a half hour lunch. Although, if it’s every other week on a Friday, I could take advantage of my flexitime and ask for a longer lunch for each.

I think the library, specifically the café in there, would be a good venue.

I’d definitely be interested in a daytime meetup. Add me to the list!

Thinking about this more, if it’s going to be at lunchtime, what if we made it an actual lunch thing? Would give us some kind of social crutch to hold it together, and we could try different places.

Challenges would be keeping it affordable and booking ahead if need be, but am sure we could find a way.

How does that sound?

This is why I suggested the café at the Library - for the people that want to eat, they can get the food, for the people that don’t, there is no obligation (plus, by having it at the library we’ll be showing support for it, and might help them get back to decent opening hours, etc…)

But yes, make it a lunch thing, or rather, a thing where people can get lunch (rather than a thing where people have to get lunch)

They have meeting rooms. Is it OK to have meetings in the cafe? Not saying it isn’t.

From what I understand, they’re very expensive to hire.

I’m simply trying to be practical - people are going to have limited time available to them, so if they can grab a bite to eat at the venue, awesome.

This is kinda what I mean - more lunch than a meeting; people still chat,
but no presentations and the like because the window is small and people
are busy.

I think it could work. Next question: when’s good for a first swing at it?

I think you just have to pick a date - I know it’s arbitrary, but this tends to be the best way - pick a date and tell people about it, rather than asking people for when they’re available.

That said, we’ve had success using for planning such things - why not try for one week (say, the 2nd week maybe?), put all the days in, and see which one has the most people available for it.

I’m going to do something reckless and based on an idea mentioned elsewhere ( German Market ) suggest a german market meetup next at lunchtime friday 27th for an informal mingling between 12:30 and 1:30 on a drop in drop out basis.

So ( clears throat ) Anyone up for a sausage and a beer to get the ball rolling with a drop in, drop out tech social at the Birmingham german market , near the floozy in the jacuzzi and the bottom of the steps from the purity bar ?

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I’m up for that… I think it’ll have to be a flying visit for me, but I’m sure I’ll be there long enough to grab a bite from a sausage.

I’m not sure where that is though…

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