Database mapping tool

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good database mapping software. What I mean by that is something that will visually display your database schema so that you can see at a glance (for non developers too) what values are stored and where. At work (where I want to use this) we use a Mongo database and because anything can be shoved into it it has been. I want to tidy it up thou to help alleviate all the index not found type bugs in our site and I think mapping a schema to each collection is the best idea.

Any recommendations? Don’t mind having to populate it myself. I know there are a few MySQL ones out there that can be generated dynamically but doubt that exists for Mongo.

Google “Mongo diagram” :slight_smile:

There appear to be several.

My first thought was Sparx Enterprise Architect, which I love, but that doesn’t seem to have gone NoSQL yet.

Could you do anything with graph-mapping software like

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I have managed to find something that does a reasonable job. Made my the same people who make MongoChef which I already use. It’s called Schema Explorer.

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