CouchQuiz - Multiplayer Trivia App for Apple TV

As with anything that Apple come out with I tend to create a side project around it to learn as much as I can about the new shiny gadget/tool/language.

CouchQuiz has been my Apple TV project and released in early November. It’s been a super fun side project to kick off and learn more about Apple TV and since launching has generated $300.

You can play multiplayer with up to 6 players connecting from iOS devices to answer independently and aim for the highest score. Unlike some of the other trivia apps on the store the questions and categories are stored remotely and can be added to remotely. Currently using Parse (crossing the migration bridge soon!).

I’m currently working on some new improvements to up the multiplayer max players to 10, along with exploring an Android app for connecting to the Apple TV. Along with that I am looking to release the main quiz app on iPad, which could be connected to in the same way.

Would love to hear any feedback or suggestions. :slight_smile: You can find CouchQuiz on the Apple TV App Store via a search or learn more here…

Some promo codes for you fine folks…


Hey, thanks for sharing the codes. I’d be the first to give this a try, but alas, I don’t have Apple TV. Sorry.

If this was something which could be added to Chrome Cast or Amazon Firestick, however, I’d give it a go :slightly_smiling:

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