Community - HELP! Where is the web dev community?!

(Alex Russell) #21

I didn’t realise that Meetup charges for use. However, this explains something I have seen that maybe BrumTech/BirminghamIO can do - make a single meetup group, and have all sub-meetups under the umbrella. Then there’s only one account to pay the subscription and, as an added bonus, only one meetup to actually subscribe to. Yes there may be a fair amount of ‘spam’ for people just interested in Docker or JS but usually people want to find at least three or four different meetups.

Where I have seen it before, for reference, is the Birmingham Board (and Card) Game Enthusiasts meetup group. I joined the group and fair enough there’s plenty of events I don’t care about (Solihull, Kinver, etc.) but it’s really good to have the vast majority of all Brum-based board game meetups pushed to me.

Does this sound like something sensible, or have I missed the point?

(Stuart Langridge) #22

If you want to find out about meetings, you can subscribe to the calendar, surely? That’s precisely why it’s based around a Google calendar, which has twenty different ways that it can be subscribed to…

(Andy Wootton) #23

If you know that, which I guess is a word of mouth thing again.
I’ll try to remember to add a ‘local on-line resources’ box on the micMap, maybe even a file.

I now see it says so at the top. I have never read that before. Maybe change ‘About’ header?

(Steve Jalim) #24

I’ve mentioned this in the brumtech slack, but for completists: is up and building up a list of interested parties to canvas opinion etc

(Jim Seconde) #25

Have Silicon Canal signed up for this?
I have had a reply from them which was along the same lines as the reason for starting this tread, but I am concerned that they aren’t as active as their site makes out.

A primary source for those outside of Birmingham looking in is, I think, websites and forums. I found this forum (thank god!) but found several dead sites.

They have said they run on volunteers, and I expect I will become one. But what other groups would be good suggestions to be pushing onto beyondlondon to showcase Birmingham’s tech community?

(Steve Jalim) #26

Nope, this is just me right now, scratching an itch.

Once I get some time (few weeks) I’m going to canvass opinion about where the pain is, to check I’m not scratching ONLY my itch.

(Jim Seconde) #27

This actually sounds like a great idea. Am I right in thinking the only regular (and well attended meets) are Ruby and JS?

I wonder if the PHPWM group are still paying for it’s usage…

(Andy Wootton) #28

No. Off the top of my head I can think of BCS Birmingham, Coventry & Wolverhampton, Java, Lean & Agile, SCRUM Agile(?), Functional Programming, Open Rights Group, Staffs Web.