Colour themes for your IDE

(Smiley) #1

Okay, fair enough. What theme do you use in Storm?

I love the dark background.

Who else is a total geek about how their IDE works? You'll love this
Which IDE do you recommend?
(Daniel Hollands) #2

Darcula, all the way!

For anyone looking for a different theme for their IDE, take a look at and pick your favourite. Once you know what you want, head to, navigate into the folder for your IDE of choice, and download the relevant files.

(Personally, again, I’m happy with the defaults provided by Sublime and PHPStorm’s Darcula, but if you are the sort of person that wants to customise your IDE to within an inch of it’s life, the above is a great way to get started with it)

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Yeah I’m a darkular fan too.
Mostly the themes are fine for me but I tweak little things like line spacing.

The laracasts series on PHP Storm is well worth a watch, I know @limeblast you’ll have seen them all.

(Andy Henson) #4

I use Inconsolata now though I did briefly use Anonymous Pro before coming across Inconsolata. As for themes, I’m a stickler for solarized-dark, occasionally switching to the light version. I like that it’s available across many editors so that I can have consistent syntax highlighting.

(Daniel Hollands) #5

I’ve just taken the plunge and switched (almost) all my IDEs to Solarized Dark.

I say almost all, because I’ve stuck with Darcula in RubyMine and PHPStorm, because the blue/green clashes too much with the Darcula outer theme (and, for what it’s worth, I like Darcula).

This is an experiment however, as I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with it. This is for two main reasons:

  1. In theory I like the concept behind it (that of a single set of colours which work on both the supplied dark and light backgrounds), but I so rarely use a light background (if ever), I’m not sure if I’m going to benefit from it - which leaves me with a colour palette which is based on a compromise which doesn’t affect me.

  2. I’m colourblind with green, which makes me suspect that I might not be seeing exactly the same colours as everyone else sees when they use it.

Anyway, lets see what happens :art:

(Dave Adlakha-Russell) #6

I sickened myself of solarized after I took things too far last year:

Now I use a much more sensible base16-railscasts: