Code Keyboard for sale :/

So, this is kind of a bummer, but after years of pining over the Code Keyboard - then finally getting one of my very own - I’ve discovered that I’m not compatible with it, so am looking to sell.

The truth is, the keyboard is fantastic:

  • it looks good
  • lets you customise the layout
  • has backlit keys
  • sensible positions for things like media keys
  • works well with Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • etc…

But, I’m having trouble getting on with the Cherry MX Clear keys that it uses, which is making it uncomfortable for me to use. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with clears (which are non-clicky, and a little firmer than browns), they’re not just compatible with my typing style.

So, if anyone is in the market for an almost-new (seriously, I’ve only used it for a week, and still have the box, etc…), 105-key UK layout code keyboard, please let me know.

I’d be happy to take £175 for it - which is slightly less than I paid for it.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that. I’d suggest persevering for another week - to get over the hump. No harm in it (unless you’re getting wrist pain, etc)


@LimeBlast Would you be interested in swapping it for a (badass) Das Keyboard Ultimate Soft Clicky (MX Browns, and no key legends) ?

No thank you :slightly_smiling:

I rarely look at the keyboard, tbh, but I do need to glance at it occasionally, and the lack of key legends is going to confuse me. Plus, I really want Blue keys - I took a gamble with the clears, and it didn’t pay off, where as I know what blues are like (well, Razer’s version of Blue at least) and find them very comfortable to use.

Right now I’m looking at getting a Ducky One (this would be a Ducky Shine 5, but they don’t come with Blues), or custom built one from WSAD (which I can make 90% the same as the Code Keyboard, but with my own design coloured caps, and Blue keys)

Can you bug a bag of MX blues and replace them yourself?

While I’m sure something like that might be possible in theory, I think it’s far too much effort and expense to make it worth doing.

I’ve just booked a return to the shop.

They’ve just accepted the return and issued the refund :sweat_smile:

…now to figure out what to get instead :confounded:

What are you using in the meantime? I’d stick with that :o)

My Razer Blackwidow.

I plan on leaving this at the office, for the one day I week that I spend there - I still want a new keyboard for use at home.

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