Coaching for new speakers?

Hello! Recently a friend (very rightly!) pointed out that I’ve been doing a lot of mentoring and support work with folks i other areas, but dropping the ball with helping out there in Brum. I was hoping to pick up doing more and was wondering if a workshop for folks who want to get into giving meetup and conference talks might be a good start!

Would anyone be interested in a workshop or session on getting into speaking?


You are welcome to try to teach me but others have failed.

I could always do with someone correcting my horrendous habits, so I’d be game :smiley:

Aren’t habits things you do without thinking? Mine are ‘forgetting what I’m talking about’ and ‘going off the point’ then later ‘finding I was already going to say that and all is lost so I’ll just stand here and get hot now.’

I think most of my problems come down to the fact that because I have very little memory, I learned to compress ideas into abstractions then use logic and improvisation to reassemble what I think. It makes me good at some things too. I also used to be shy and am mainly over it but presentations destroy my hard outer shell, so I melt under stage-lighting.

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