Cloudflare error messages

(Colin Smith) #1

I’ve been getting cloudflare error pages for a few websites today (not ones I’m managing fortunately), I believe this is a domain registrar service of some kind aimed at protecting domains and some other stuff I didn’t read too much about. Twitter would seem to suggest that it’s only just been been launched, has anybody been affected by it?
At the time of writing was returning said error message. I believe there is a three way handshake involved between cloudflare and the requested website and it would seem it insists on a well formed response which some sites are not providing. Sounds like a bit of a headache anyway. I’m wondering if this is anything to do with a perceived slowdown of the internet in general over the last few days.

(Colin Smith) #2

interestingly is now returning a page that would suggest someone is in the process of firefighting

(Colin Smith) #3

messages are as shown here

(Greg Robson) #4

I’m getting 522 - connection timed out.

I’ve had this from time with specific web sites, I don’t know whether it’s how their infrastructure is set up or whether some network routing prevents a timely response. Normally hitting “try for a live page” works fine, but not this time.

(Colin Smith) #5

their support page for the 522 error goes some way to describing the server handshake protocol

I’m assuming things are just a bit broken at the moment at their end of things, or potentially a webserver update?.
It’s not causing me any problems personally, just roused my interest.

(Jon) #6

522 here as well, four hours after your initial post. I’d assume the issue is due to the site itself - and if so that’s a lot of downtimes for what is presumably a brochureware site :frowning:

(Max Woolf) #7

We had one of our sites go down yesterday evening/overnight. Didn’t look like the application layer, but the DNS routing. We use Cloudflare so I assume maybe this was related?

(Colin Smith) #8

the other site that I notices suffering was which along with is now fine. Interesting. I’ll have to look into CloudFlare, I’ve not heard of them before, mind you I’m not involved in hosting. I spotted a cross reference to HTTP/2 which reminded me I need to know about that as well


The Cloudflare status page is here

and the Incident History reports are here

Which doesn’t seem to suggest there were any major issues with the edge network in local regions.