Classifieds/Trading category?

Inspired by a recent post, I’m wondering if there is any merit to a setting up a category for local people looking to sell things? Or is this already better handled by things like craigslist?

To my mind, if such a thing did exist, I think it would need to have some rules to make sure it doesn’t become a spam zone (such as is the case with the Jobs category), and should maybe feature automatic deleting of posts after a set period of time to help keep it tidy and up to date (I think Discourse supports this).

What do you think?


It’d be a nice thing to have. Being a community focused board I’d imagine it’d cater more to the “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” market rather than the free-for-all of ebay and craigslist.

Things relevant to tech, or anything? Could have low signal:noise ratio. It seems to restrict the market, so affects the price (that’s fine if free) and chance of shifting it.

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