City Center Gyms

(Mike Elsmore) #1

So I’m moving into JQ next month and I’ll be needing a new gym, considering a lot of people here have experimented with or attend different gyms I thought I’d ask for brutal reviews and recommendations to save wasting money?

(Jon) #2

Not an expert here, but do you have a budget in mind? There’s posh and polite ones for £60 per month :angel: , and rough 'n ready ones for £15 a month :weight_lifting_man:

(Mike Elsmore) #3

No budget currently, but I’m liable to avoid the cheaper gyms cus my last one was a cheap gym and walking in to a vast number of the machines Out-of-Order isn’t something I like.

(Daniel Hollands) #4

I was a member of The Gym for a few months a couple years ago. It was cheap and cheerful (£15 a month, I think, with no contact - and if you sign up at the right time, no joining fee either). As long as you don’t want all the mod cons (such as interactive displays on the treadmills, etc…) then it should be fine.

My advice would be to head there and ask for a tour, that’ll get you on their mailing list, and I think, shortly after, you’ll be linked to some sort of promotion (such as free joining, reduced fees, or something else like that)

(Andy Wootton) #5

My daughter & fiance didn’t know what they wanted for Christmas but said they’d been thinking about joining a gym in London. Long story short: we couldn’t afford it. A couple of weeks later, they joined. It turned out there were 2 ways in: the rip-off spa entrance or the local subsidised leisure centre door.

I’d always look for body-building and boxing gyms. They are more likely to have free weights than machines but they are much cheaper and if you ever need anyone killed, you’ll know someone :slight_smile:

Talking of violence, don’t any of you hackers do martial arts to keep fit?

(Kevin Carmody) #6

I personally use Nuffield out at Five Ways, but I always though Henrietta Street Gym looked fun