Cheap wind turbine, Walsall

I just looked out at my neighbours’ small wind turbine and wondered how much they cost. I was pleasantly surprised by this one

(It comes from China really. They must reflect your own location.)

That does seem absurdly cheap for a 3kw wind turbine charge controller and inverter !
From my very limited knowledge of off-grid setups it’s the the quality of the inverter that’s important. It would almost be worth getting one at that price just to try it in principle; Out of interest how often would you say your neighbour’s turbine is able to operate?

If I can feel wind at ground level, it moves. It’s only 50cm diameter and it’s 3 or 4m off the ground. I think he used it to heat water but they have solar panels now so I don’t know if it’s in use. It’s a very simple design.

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