Changing Android phone

(Andy Wootton) #1

I don’t change phone as often as most people, so the tech may have changed since last time I did it. I’m moving from a Samsung on Android Gingerbread to a Moto on Pie, so it’s quite a leap and I needed a new micro-SIM, but I’m sticking with GiffGaff. Neither the instructions for changing SIM or for changing phone with the same SIM make sense. I have numbers in the phone, the SIM and Google.

My first thought is to temporarily synch everything I can to Google and see what’s missing when my number arrives on the new phone but that sounds like it might involve some future pain with no way back to rectify mistakes. I think I have some ancient Windows software to move to a new Samsung phone. I refuse to do the naff “Send me your digits” thing. I’d be grateful for any advice.

(Mitesh Parmar) #2

Hey Andy,

I’ve swapped Android phones several times and had the larger SIM and worked my way down to the smaller sizes over the years (Micro to Nano). Kept the same number throughout. Here are my tips:

  1. Copy all your contacts from SIM and phone to Google. The additional benefit in this is a) if you loose your phone the contacts are synced in the cloud. b) you can log into your google account on a computer and edit contacts, which then syncs to your phone. c) helps with future upgrades

  2. Plug your phone into your computer and copy all additional files across. Images, pictures, audio files, download, Whatsapp folder, other app folders, etc.

  3. Depending on which apps you use, make sure backup is turned on, or force a back up. For example for my alarm clock app i can create a backup file, then i need to copy this across. When i download the app again on the new phone, i need to copy the file across and import. I think this is the only app i do this for to be honest.

  4. Just before you swap phone, force a sync with your phone. This should be within the accounts section of the phone.

  5. Things like text messages don’t normally sync with google. I normally don’t care, as i don’t have anything i need to keep. But keep this in mind

  6. When you get your new phone, once you sign into you google account, most of the items will be synced. Might take a while.

  7. When you get your new SIM card, normally both (new and current) SIM will still work. From memory they will tell you to switch your new phone on and off (with the SIM in) and it actives the SIM. Then when you restart your old phone, the old SIM looses signal. You can still access contacts and saved SMS on this SIM. It just wont get a signal.

Note: I had the very first Android phone which was the T-Mobile G1, since then always had Android phones. current phone is onePlus 3T, had various Samsung phones in between.

Any questions, give me a shout.


(Andy Wootton) #3

Thanks @MiT, useful. Is the initial ‘copy to Google’ part a manual operation on the phone or did you use PC software?

(Mitesh Parmar) #4

Hey Andy, you do it on the phone. You don’t need to go into each contact. There should be an option in the contacts menu to just copy all SIM contact to phone. Then to double check, change the settings to show only google contacts, and also log into google account and check contacts on there (might take a while to sync, may need to force a sync). I would suggest not to delete any contacts until you have your new phone and using it for a few days/weeks. Then you can delete and destroy the old SIM.