Can you help me raise £63.60 to pay for the domain name?

UPDATE: Domain has been renewed, and £70 donated to charity (see below). Thank you everyone.

At the end of the month the domain name expires, and it’s going to cost £63.60 to renew it for two years.

Although I am happy to pay for this out of my own pocket, as I have done with all the other expenses associated with running the site to date, I’ve had a few people mention that they would be happy to chip in and help cover the cost. It’s because of this that I’ve set-up a link for people to do exactly that:

Link redacted

First off, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to do this. is free, and will remain free for as long as I’m running it. I just want to give the members of the community the opportunity to share the burden, should they wish.

I’ll use this thread to keep track of who has donated what, and how far we are from our target (if you want to donate anonymously, send me a message before sending the donation).

Any money raised over and above the amount needed for the domain will be donated to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

If you have any questions, please post below, or send me a private message.

Thank you.


Here’s the running total, in the order that I’ve received the donations (I’ll keep this post updated as the money comes in)

Domain cost:                 £ 63.60
Total raised:                £125.00
Charity donation:            £ 61.40

Thanks, everyone, we’ve hit our target, and I’ve renewed the domain name for two years. You rock!

I’m going to keep accepting donations until the end of the week, then whatever funds there are will be donated to the charity on Saturday (I’ll post a screenshot of the transaction once I’ve done it)

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Bit of a fail that doesn’t accept Monzo cards.

Really? Hahaha, I had no idea.

I paid with my Monzo card?

Well done everyone, we’ve hit our target, paid for the domain, and raised some money for charity (I rounded the donation up to £70):

I used the Monzo mobile app to send the money, it found Dan and was pretty easy. I think is for non-Monzo users.

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