Call to Action - Don't just read the news

Hi All,

I made something! I made a Chrome extension that adds buttons to the end of news articles with suggestions of things you can do if the article has affected you in some way - perhaps you’ve been touched by a story, or angered.

I’m looking for people to try it out, break it, trash it, love it, fix it, share it… anything really :smile:

Also, if you want to get in to Rails or Chrome extension dev, it’s all open source and it has a load of bugs… err… features needed!


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I think this might be a fun project to be part of. Looking at the to do list, I could probably take an initial look at…

  • Improve the server side management console (you kinda have to know the routes)
  • Make it easy for people to submit action ideas (anonymous user submission?)

… just to dip my toe.

I figured I could put together a nice and functional admin theme and have it all link together - is this the sort of thing you’re talking about?

Yeah, that sounds great! At the moment, the admin panel is just functional.

Everyone can view, but only admin users can actually perform actions (you’ll get errors if you aren’t logged in).

I’d like the list itself to be public, but I can’t really link it until I’ve hidden the action buttons from the general users.

OK, that sounds doable. I’ll see what I can come up with.

/me fires up vagrant

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