Calendar wobble?

(Dave Evans) #1

Hi people - please could you have a look at the Calendar entries - my meetup ( has gone very wrong - the entries for the rest of the year don’t match. I noticed because I just got a Silicon Canal email advertising my meetup topic in April that isn’t actually happening until September.

Also, while you’re there please could you see why my other meetup ( doesn’t show up at all?


(Andy Wootton) #2

I went to a meeting last week, having been reminded the night before by Meetup. It was the wrong day. The Calendar may not be the root cause of the fault. Have you changed any dates @DaveDev? I think I went to a moved date.

(Dave Evans) #3

@woo my meetup dates are correct on the meetup site - but the google calendar shows the wrong information for April, May, and June. There are also duplicates on the google calendar - e.g. tonight there are 2 FizzPOP meetings - but there’s only one of course.

(Andy Wootton) #4

Mine were too. Only the reminder was wrong, unfortunately I believed it.

(Stuart Langridge) #5

Hrm, that’s strange. @rythie do you have any immediate thoughts on why that might be happening? I’ll try to take a look tonight; sorry, @DaveDev. We may not be handling moved events very well…

(Dave Evans) #6

Thanks @sil & @rythie - please let me know when it is OK.

(Stuart Langridge) #7

OK, I’ve tidied up the Xamarin meetup, I believe; thank you for the nudge. I’m not quite sure why it happened, but I think it’s all OK now. If you see this happening again please let me know; even if we’re unsure of why problems occur, I can alter things manually and quickly.

The reason Entrepreneurs doesn’t show up is that it’s not a Technology group. It’s just got a Technology tag; it’s a “Career & Business” group. You will say “that’s stupid; use the tags”, and I will agree with you wholeheartedly and, shaking my head sadly, say: Meetup doesn’t allow searching for groups by tag, as far as I can tell, only category. If there’s a better way to do this, we’re happy to listen.

(Dave Evans) #8

Big thanks for sorting out the duplicates - much appreciated.

On the tag (topic) aspect - I see the problem, Entrepreneurs has not got the Tech “category” it’s ID is 2 instead of 34 - and there seems to be no way in Meetup to change the category.

However (and I may be very wrong) could you search for other group categories (e.g. 2) and then then for each group do a group find on their individual ID to only add the “business” groups that have a Technology topic?

e.g. my group id is 1375038 so would return the group info including a list of topics:

“0”: {
“score”: 1,
“id”: 1375038,
“name”: “Birmingham Entrepreneurs Meetup Group”,
“status”: “active”,
“link”: “”,
“urlname”: “Birmingham-Entrepreneurs-Meetup-Group”,

“topics”: [
“urlkey”: “smallbiz”,
“name”: “Small Business”,
“id”: 389
“urlkey”: “marketing”,
“name”: “Marketing”,
“id”: 1238
“urlkey”: “web”,
“name”: “Web Technology”,
“id”: 10209
“urlkey”: “technology”,
“name”: “Technology”,
“id”: 10579

(Dave Evans) #9

Or maybe