Calendar of events Project Idea

(Stuart Langridge) #82

Yup. We do eventbrite, but we have to add events individually. Facebook… We’ll look into whether it’s possible; that’d be a good thing to add! (@rythie do you know anything about Facebook event APIs? Is it all open graph, I wonder?)

(Gav) #83

Really need to find a way auto add Eventbrite events which are tagged #tech / #technology etc…

Meetup has a monthly cost to list events, which is good cause you know they are probably serious about it, but still many many events are listed on Eventbrite, was the 2nd key source of finding out what was going on when I followed all this manually, im sure it still is?

(Stuart Langridge) #84

If you can find a way to search Eventbrite via the API for events with a specific tag and within a certain distance of the centre of Birmingham, then I am all ears!

(Richard Cunningham) #85

I can’t see a way to search facebook for tech events, or even that it has good tagging system anyway. However you can see a person’s events, example (needs oAuth though - outputs JSON):

Here’s the dev console view of that endpoint (need to be logged into Facebook) (click “Submit” when the page loads)

There is also an endpoint for individual events, though I can’t see that being too practical.

(Peter Oliver) #86

For clarity, here you mean events created by a person rather than events attended my a person, I think. It works on pages, too, so if there’s a Facebook page for the Birmingham Fortran Club (or whatever), we can add them to a list and pull in all of their events.

(Richard Cunningham) #87

Yes, created by a person (or page), that’s what I meant

(Stuart Langridge) #88

One can get a list of places in Birmingham (graph explorer link) but as far as I can tell one can’t get a list of events for a place. Thanks, Facebook. Thacebook.

(Richard Cunningham) #89

It seems you can do textual event searches, but it won’t do lat/long searches (ignores that, if provided):

(which then need post filterering by lat/long (to get rid of US results).

The documentation is severly lacking on this, I can’t see any detail about how search works. To me still the biggest problem is that there is no way to search for a category of events (unless that undocumented). Also, there are no categories or tags in the output, so I suspect facebook don’t collect that information.

(Peter Oliver) #90

Indeed, when I create a Facebook event, there’s no field offered for tagging or categorising an event.

If a event is created by a page, one could presumably chase down the category of the page. However, they’re fairly non-specific: the kind of page we’re looking for might be Companies & Organisations -> Computers/Technology, Websites & Blogs -> Computers/Internet or simply Other -> Community, and any of those are going to catch lots of things we’re not interested in.

(Rnr_Pauline) #91

Can @LimeBlast or other calendar person add this hack event to the calendar? Thanks - Pauline

(Daniel Hollands) #92

He can… at least he thinks he’s done it correctly:

(Daniel Hollands) #93

@sil how can I get added to the calendar?

I see that it should happen automatically if I tag it as technology and place it inside Birmingham - but it’s in Worcester, which I imagine is outside that area.

(Andy Wootton) #94

Awkward! I didn’t even have Worcester in ‘Midland’ :slight_smile:
But I did have Stratford and Leamington. All three are really smaller neighbouring clusters, aren’t they? I over-simplified.