Calendar of events Project Idea

(Gav) #61

I’m embrassed that I don’t know how to do that :confused:

(Jon) #62

Want a hand? You’ll need Git on your computer, a GitHub account, and a text editor. Happy to walk you through it if you like.

(Gav) #63

@halfer That would be great… I thought you only needed GitHub account, which I’ve had for ages;
PM me…

(Richard Cunningham) #64

You can edit files in the web interface, fork and edit this file
Then issue a pull request.

(Stuart Langridge) #65

See @rythie’s note about how you can do this editing from github’s web interface, rather excellently. If you can’t get it to do what you want, let me know and I’ll make the change for you, no problem.

(Gav) #66

Cheers Stu, I’ll have a bash at doing it, I need to learn these forking pull requests.

(Gav) #68

I just updated the file on GitHub… Does it work?

(Daniel Hollands) #69

It looks like you’ve made the change on your own Github account, but you still need to submit the pull request.

(Gav) #70

I think I’ve done that now as well…?

How do I delete my own fork again?

++ Could somebody DRAW [EDIT - when I next sit down in the pub with them] how GitHub works… I’ve read about it so many times, and the alien terms still leave me confused. It reminds me of 1999 when I just could not get my head about the database term “Table” because it was in built in my 19 year old mind that was a thing you sat at / leaned on.

(Daniel Hollands) #71

Sorry, I don’t think you did. If you like I can do this for you? I can see the change you’ve made in your copy of the repo.

As for learning git, you should pop along to one of the Open Code sessions - I can’t grantee that someone there will be able to teach you git, but it’s a good place to start learning. It’s also worth looking at Try Git, if you’ve not already, as this teaches you by doing.

(Gav) #72

Given this event is on very soon, please do it for me now… I see they have their own page and Eventbrite (which isn’t a clickable URL on the page), and a Google calendar link which i wont paste cause its a very long url.
I thought the Eventbrite page would be the best one to put in the calendar since that’s where you appear to need to sign up.

(Daniel Hollands) #73

OK, I’ve submitted it as a pull request myself because I’m not 100% sure I know how the explicit URLs list works, so I’d prefer for @sil or @rythie to merge it in.

(Jude Gibbons) #74

I’d like to be in on that pub meeting too! I did find a diagram on a website somewhere but it’s much more helpful to be able to look over somebody’s shoulder and ask them questions while they’re doing it. I’ve done the most basic of Git stuff and am yet to pull, fork or merge in any way.

(Daniel Hollands) #75

This hooks into the discussion we had before about setting up a meetup for this purpose. @Banford and I met up a couple of times to discuss some ideas, but I started looking for a job (and at one point wasn’t sure if I would be staying in Brum) and he took on more responsibility for another group, so it kind of fell by the wayside.

Although, I’m thinking now is a good time to revive the idea, even if only for a one off trial run, taking advantage the open project nights over at Impact Hub. I don’t want to discuss it in this thread tho, so keep an eye out for a post regarding it.

(Richard Cunningham) #76

Hmm, perhaps this is not as easy as it could be :frowning:

We grab from three sources:

  • Meetup (based on a search of their API of events in birmingham)
  • ICal feeds (configured in constructor/explicitIcalUrls.json)
  • Eventbrite (configured in constructor/explicitEventBriteOrganisers.json)

This event had ICal feed, so I tried committed that. However there was a problem with date format, so I added the organiser and committed that instead.

This article has a fairly straight forward diagram on it, explaining git and github:

(Pauline Roche) #77

Late to the party but love a good calendar - can update you (Daniel?) on some of the less techy groups at some stage; meanwhile would it be possible to scrape Facebook events if they included the word ‘technology’ like you do for Meetup? Some groups can’t afford, or don’t want to, pay the Meetup fees so we use FB instead

(Pauline Roche) #78

Are you able to scrape Eventbrite? Can we have a chat about that? I’ve been looking for a way to do that for charity and community events. Thanks

(Daniel Hollands) #79

I think that’s a great idea. I don’t know much about the technical side of this, but if the data is available via an API, I don’t see this being an issue.

(Pauline Roche) #80

That’s the rub @LimeBlast - I’m not sure the data is available via an API - but I got the impression (from @rythie here) that he was scraping Eventbrite for other events - yes?

(Gav) #81

One of the reason I tried and failed to do such a calender back in the day was I started with trying to work with the Eventbrite API and it was a pain - and I didn’t know what I was really doing!

I think from reading previous messages its something to do with you cant API / add an individual event, only add an organiser? This rings bells with the little bit of PHP tech I did on it…