Calendar of events Project Idea

(Richard Cunningham) #41

Business Birmingham have events, some of which are technical.

(Richard Cunningham) #42

I’ve imported all the calendars I could into a google calendar - WARNING this might not be the final form of the calendar. There are few events we don’t have ICS feeds for, so @sil and I will contact those organisers to see what can be done.

The list of the known events are here:

If you want edit access, let me know via a private message here on birmingham.IO.

There is a link at the bottom (currently cell D50) which you can copy and paste to see the calendar. The bottom right button allows you to either subscribe to calendars or a subset (though this might break if we change the way it’s done).

If anyone could tell us of any errors or ommissions that would be great, also I’m interested to know what people’s answers to the following questions are.

  1. Do you actively use electronic based calendar?
  2. Would you subscribe to calendar of all events? or maybe just particular events?
  3. Should we tweet about upcoming events?
  4. Should we profile/highlight particular events to get more people to go?
  5. Is there some other way you’d think you/people could discover events?

(Jack Wearden) #43

Best person to ask about pywm are or

(Maker Monday) #44

Hi there. There’s a monthly maker workshop running at Birmingham Open Media (by new street station) called MakerMonday.

Is there any chance we could get this added to the calendar? The current dates we have booked there are May 18th, June 19th, July 27th and August 24th.


(Daniel Hollands) #45

Does the calendar have support for Eventbrite, and if so, how do I get the anniversary party added? Cheers.

(Stuart Langridge) #46

It does, but one adds an event organiser and thus all their events show up; we can’t add single events, yet. This event is organised by you under your personal account; that seems a bit dodgy to add to the calendar. Am open to suggestions as to how to handle this!

(Daniel Hollands) #47

I was going to create a Birmingham.IO account on Eventbrite, which could then be used for all future events hosted by the community - but in the fluster of everything coming together last night, I forgot.

Maybe I can have the event transferred over to such an account? (or just change this one into a BIrmingham.IO account by editing the email address) and signing up for a second, personal, account.

Failing all of the above, what about something as simple as a manual entry? Is that possible?

(Stuart Langridge) #48

Not sure we can do manual entries? Although I suppose there’s nothing stopping us just dropping it directly into the calendar, is there @rythie? It should still show up on the website…

(Richard Cunningham) #49

I think it’s better create a ical file for it or google calendar

(Stuart Langridge) #50

Fair. So, @LimeBlast, we can add an Eventbrite account, or a Google calendar or ICS URL. (Eventbrite don’t export ical files, for reasons passing understanding.)

(Steve Pitchford) #51

Ignore me - I was using a mobile device, which whilst great, doesn’t have the resolution to be able to see that it’s startlingly obvious that you add the “Technology” tag to a page as per ( I assume the lower case “t” in technology is a typo? )

That’s fantastic. Any chance of adding wm-jug - we alternate between Wolves and Birmingham and are on meetup at - it’s a java group.

(Stuart Langridge) #52

Yep, you are correct, add the tag with capital T. :slight_smile: The instructions should be at the bottom of the calendar on a mobile; they are less obvious, though, I admit, but that’s because events are more obvious. We might need to look at that again, though, since you missed the note describing how to add events while you were on a phone and therefore it’s not obvious enough…

(Dom Barnes) #53

Have to just quietly mention my first user group, the Midlands Mac User Group, although we haven’t met in months, and it’s basically a Google group only now.

(Stuart Langridge) #54

@dombarnes I’ve added that to the calendar!

(Kath Preston) #55

Hello Calendar maintainers!

I would like to spread the word about an event I’m involved with organising, which won’t be suitable for

The event: Canvas Conference
22nd October 2015, Library of Birmingham, 9 - 5pm.

Canvas is a 1 day digital product and customer experience conference, all about exploring the world’s most interesting and user-centric products and services. Over a one day conference, you’ll hear from people who are solving problems at the intersection of technology & business. Now in its fourth year, Canvas gathers a cross-discipline audience of engineers, designers & UX professionals.

Ta v much!

(Daniel Hollands) #56

As you’re using eventbrite to sell the tickets, I think that can be used to import the event into the calendar - but that’s very much @sil and @rythie’s domain.

(Richard Cunningham) #57

I’ve added it to the calendar.

(Kath Preston) #58

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

(Gav) #59

Should “BrumMe” be added to the calender?:
"‘BrumMe’ is an event celebrating and recognising the aspiring creative, tech and digital startup scenes that are growing in the city."

Was a definition of “Tech events” defined, and is the calender of ‘only’ tech, or events that included ‘tech’ ?

(Stuart Langridge) #60

I think so. Wanna submit a pull request?