Bye-bye splash page

(Daniel Hollands) #1

Following some feedback on Twitter earlier today, I’ve done away with the splash page which used to exist at From now on all requests should automatically redirect directly to the forum at (if you notice this not working anywhere, please let me know).

It’s true that splash pages have been an anti-pattern for many many years now, and even going into this project I knew that - and yet I just couldn’t resist building one anyway. Heck, I didn’t even design something original, I simply modified a template from HTML5 UP! This has to be the ultimate sin, right?

Well yes, probably. But I think my heart was in the right place.

I didn’t think of it as a splash page - to me it was more as a single page site which was meant to subtly introduce people to the concept of the site, and let them know who it was aimed at.

The site as a whole is meant to grow over time and have more sections added to it as required (a wiki here, a blog there, maybe a jobs board?? etc…) - with that main initial page becoming a hub of resources. I guess the problem is that while my imagination was away with the faeries in the land of unicorns and rainbows - back in reality, the page was doing nothing but getting in the way and annoying people.

Sorry about that.

Being a project for the community, I want the site to serve the community first and foremost, so I hope that removing the splash page has helped do that. If at some point in the future we end up with a wiki, and a blog, and all the other sexy ideas I have for this site, we can re-evaluate, but until then…

Anyway, for anyone interested in seeing what it looked like, you can checkout the Git repo for it. Otherwise, simply enjoy the ever-so-slightly improved site :slight_smile:

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