Business App for Start Ups

(James McGarry) #41

Hi Andy

Yes a minimum marketable product sounds the better option. And i totally agree customers would be put off if they were handad a half finished product while the rest was being developed.

At the same time, i do need to have something to show to the VC s and others, so they can visualise what the app should look like.

Like you said i have been drawing out the design to show people. There s another software expert i ve been speaking with this past week, and i ve shared a few ideas with him about the layout of the main screen, a d the ‘layers’ the information will be divided into.

I might try and upload some of those on here.

If you re interested, there s also the Linkedin group where a few contacts have gathered to discuss. It s on the links above. There are 2 potential developers, and I m definitely offering equity share to all engineers who are interested in getting involved.

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A quick update on the project for the app. Gorilla Opportunity is now a limited company, and I ll make the app part of its operations, as soon as the prototype is build which should be completed by next fri.

It turns out another group in Birmingham had a similar idea: a dating app for entrepreneurs and So rather than compete, we ve agreed to meet up and make a partnership. In essence, they will test the projects for us, if we do the online work for them.

Of course as people have pointed out Kickstarter Plotr and even Linkedin do some of these things already, but they dont do ALL the functions i want this to have.

As you ve all suggested an equity share in the business is the best thing. I have one engineer working on this and he has come up with a very good Tinder style system for choosing options. I may need more engineers as it progresses.

Will keep you informed.

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Hi Woo and everyone

Just to you know that there will be a Skype meeting about the app this Fri 18th Nov at 7:30pm. The prototype has now been designed, and we are trying to determine how the apps functions should be split. The link to the meeting is:

You’re welcome to join, and I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.

Kind Regards

James Megarry

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There is also a Skype group for this. :

You’re welcome to join, and I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.

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Hi Woo Sil and Rythie

Just a quick reminder: im having a Skype meeting about the app on Mon 16th at 7:30pm. (Skype link is on the messages below.)

We have the prototype and as per Woo and Sil s suggestions we will first try and release it for free, then figure out how to make money from it.

You re welcome to join us on Skype to discuss.

Best regards

James M

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Hi All

Here’s the link to our Skype group (below).

Skype Group - ‘Gorilla Opportunity’

Headhunting will be the first function for the app, and I then intend to widen its use to include innovations, networking and more.

We’re looking at building an MVP version of the app next, and are considering the avenues. You’re welcome to join the Skype group, or find us on Whats App, by searching ‘Gorilla Opportunity’

Best Regards

James M