Building a robot - my progress so far

As mentioned previously, I’m building a robot to learn electronics. This is via the edX course on Electronic Interfaces as supplied by the Berkeley University of Californa.

Last week I completed the introductory module, which spent a bit of time explaining what we would be building, what we would be learning.

Today, after getting all the components required, I’ve just finished the first module and have the beginnings of my robot:

Right now it doesn’t do much other than blink a couple of LEDs, but it does this from a 9v input which has been regulated down to 3.3v via a voltage regulator. I had a bit of trouble with the VR to start with but managed to figure it out.

An interesting thing about this course is the use of yet another type of microcontroller, the TI Launchpad. I’m not sure what’s different between this an Arduino, but I’m keen to find out - at the very least they both use C, and the IDE for the Launchpad is based on the Arduino one, so I don’t think I’m going to have too much trouble with it.

Anyway, I’m planning on keeping this thread updated with my progress. I was going to post it on my blog, but I feel I can be a bit more relaxed in my formatting on the forum, and instead will do a single post about the whole project when I’ve completed it.

The second module is resistors, and thankfully I have a ton of them, so with some luck I’ll be able to complete that without having to put my hand in my pocket for more components.

Watch this space.

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