BrumPHP - On a community mission

(Jim Seconde) #1

Hey all!

So, as some of you may have noticed, and for those who haven’t: we’re launching a new community based around php (but not necessarily exclusively): brumPHP

Our mission is to organically build events in the shape of what people want, rather than what we/sponsors think they want.

So, our question to you, community is:
What would you like to see from brumPHP?
Do you like workshops, lightning talks, tech drinks, big talks?
What does our space look like? Do you like open community spaces, pubs/bar space rentals, Birmingham corporate spaces?

Get in touch, we’re on brumtech Slack on the #brumphp channel, on here and hopefully we’ll have a landing page up and running shortly.

All the best,
Your New Team:
Aaron Williams
Alex Wilson
Jim Seconde
Matt Rose

(Jim Seconde) #2

Our meetup page has also updated:

(Tom English) #3

Is this related to phpWM? I notice redirects to a BrumPHP meetup page.

(Jim Seconde) #4

We took over the phpwm user group and renamed it to make it a sort of new entity. So they are related in their origin, but not in their directions!

(David Goodwin) #5

They’ve taken over the @phpwm twitter feed, and I’ve redirected the domain… So think of it as a successor to phpWM

(Tom English) #6


I’ll keep lurking in the phpwm IRC channel and try and attend a meeting one day.

(Jim Seconde) #7

Off we go, all welcome!

(Mike Elsmore) #8

I do wonder who or what the first talk on? Maybe @jims should deliver something?

(Jim Seconde) #9

All I’m delivering is where the fire exits are and a code of conduct.

For the time being…

In the meantime, we are open to speakers of course, so drop us a bell!

(Alex Wilson) #10

Alongside any others, breaking our “no framework bias” rule, I will be happy to do a quick overview of Symfony [4] and its ecosystem.