brumPHP March: Jenny Wong - TLDR; Wordpress

(Jim Seconde) #1

Welcome to brumPHP March!

We’re back following February commitments with Birmingham’s Fusion meetup, and as per usual we’ve got a cracker for you! Down from Manchester’s Human Made, regular PHP speaker and community fanatic Jenny Wong on all things in the 2019 Wordpress World.

All are welcome, come along!

28th March, 2019, Talis

TL;DR - WordPress

WordPress has had some major visual changes recently. With that a lot of WordPress is changing under the hood but unless you are glued to WP Tavern, it’s easy to ignore.

This session, Jenny will be giving you a digest of what’s been going on in the WordPress world in recent years and what is chalked to be in it’s future. She will start from when the REST API went into core and give an overview of Site Health Check, ServeHappy and the headliner - Gutenberg.

Come for your annual digest of WordPress!