brumPHP June 2018: Kubernetes

(Jim Seconde) #1

Welcome to brumPHP June! This month we have Max Woolf talk on one of the main container orchestration tools at the DevOps engineers’ disposal: Kubernetes.

A reminder that we have a free Jetbrains license to give away at the end of the talk, so RSVP with a chance to have a cutting edge IDE for a year!

We have drinks and pizza, so hope to see you there!

A brief tour of Kubernetes with Max Woolf

We’ll scratch the surface of Kubernetes, how its various components work and how to control a cluster from the command line. We’ll also touch on when it’s a good idea to use Kubernetes, reasons for using it over more traditional methods of application deployment and discuss the pros and cons of various managed Kubernetes solutions.

(Jim Seconde) #2

(Andy Wootton) #3

Give someone an IDE licence and they can code for a year. Give them vi and they are stuck in it for life.

(Jim Seconde) #4

Give them vim and they apparently can’t exit it.

(Daniel Hollands) #5

Vi (specifically, trying to exit it) is the only truly random string generator.

(Andy Wootton) #6

I think a random 3 character string every time would give you a fighting chance.