BrumJS June 2017

(Ben Paddock) #1

It’s happening next Tuesday, deets here:

Hope you can make it :slight_smile:

(Etewiah) #2

Thanks for the notice. Its been a long time since I last made it to BrumJS - should be able to make this one :wink:

(Andy Wootton) #3

@pads I’d love to come to this but a relative’s hospital visit may prevent me. Is it better to accept and not turn up or ignore Meetup and come if I can? Do metrics matter?

(Ben Paddock) #4

It’s useful to gauge numbers for ordering food, however a lot of people RSVP then don’t turn up. So if you don’t mind missing pizza I don’t mind whether or not you RSVP :slight_smile:

(Andy Wootton) #5

If I don’t make it, I may still ask questions. I’m still some way off being capable but I’d have gone ClojureScript for this job.


Ah - I’m not here next week but would be very up for getting involved in this. The bootcamp will be full-stack JS based too, so will be bringing more members soon :wink:

Also, if anyone wants to help by getting involved in the bootcamp, there’s a paid teaching/curriculum role and we are also looking for any mentors/volunteers to help support students and input on curriculum - let me know if that’s of interest:

(Andy Wootton) #7

The patient got home in time but the car didn’t :frowning: