BrumHack - Recruit, and/or unleash students on your API at our student hackathon

Hey folks,

As some of you know I run BrumHack, a 24hr Student Hackathon at the University of Birmingham, with a couple of other students there.

We have a tonne of students coming to our next event on October 24 & 25 (expecting >120 this time round) and we’re looking for sponsors! If you’re interested in sponsoring, we have a couple of options depending on whether you’re interested in hiring, brand exposure, or have an API you’d like to promote. Drop me an email and I’ll send you some pricing info. Also note that it doesn’t have to be a public API - we regularly work with sponsors who want to make private data or tools available for the hackathon, but not afterwards.

This year we’re going to be much bigger than before - at least twice the size of our initial event - so we’re quite excited!

Feel free to get in touch at - and if you’re a university student, sign up!



As the snarkiest person in the world, can still unreservedly recommend this event for participants or sponsors. Super well organised, lovely team and the MLH events draw some really creative projects out.


Makes me wish I was still at Uni!

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