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(Andy Lloyd-Williams) #1

Morning all, it’s great to discover this resource. I think a few of you put together the videos for the Brum Tech Scene site, and thought you might be interested in coming along to an A.I. hackathon we have taking place over the next two weeks at Birmingham City University.

With 20 undergrads from local universities taking part, and a judging panel including digital service/platform provider Kainos, Microsoft and a 15-year-old A.I. consultant, there should be plenty of interesting items to film.

I’ve included a full press release below for full details.


A.I training camp, led by experts in the field, to uncover and develop the next generation of artificial intelligence minds

Competition for rising stars of AI from University of Birmingham, Nottingham, Warwick and Aston University to be judged by experts from Kainos, Microsoft and Youth4AI

Birmingham, UK, Friday 31st August 2018 - Kainos, a leading provider of digital services and platforms to public and private organisations around the globe, today announced the launch of its prestigious A.I.Camp in Birmingham. Kainos selected 20 of the most promising undergraduate students from local universities – including University of Birmingham, Warwick and Aston University – to develop and nurture their skills in the growing and exciting field of Artificial Intelligence.

The two-week training camp, which will be hosted on campus at Birmingham City University, will give participants access to leading experts in the burgeoning field of AI. Contestants will be taught how to develop their own machine learning models, create chatbots and hone their business skills while hearing about the latest industry developments with guest speakers from local industry. Following a two-day hackathon, where the creations will be showcased and scrutinised, the winners will be announced on Saturday 15th September.

Tom Gray, CTO at Kainos commented: “After opening an office in Birmingham earlier this year, we are delighted to now be bringing our A.I.Camp to the city.

“The emergence of A.I. as a viable technology is creating opportunities to reshape our daily lives and the world as we know it. While there are much debated moral and ethical questions to answer, there are also vast numbers of ways in which it has the potential to change lives for the better, from helping blind people to ‘see’, to identifying anomalies on production lines, to understanding how to better recognise and treat disease.”

Participants will be mentored through the process by the innovation team at Kainos, a leading expert in the practical application of AI and Machine Learning in the public and private space. Microsoft is supporting the event by providing prizes and Azure licences, while Naveed Hussain, Microsoft Big Data and AI Architect, will be presiding as a judge at the event. Hussain will be joined on the panel by Kainos Software Engineer, Liam Ferris, and Youth4AI Founder Kari Lawler. At 15 years old, Kari is the youngest ever start-up, entrepreneur and AI consultant on the Innovation Birmingham campus.

AI Camp is part of Kainos’ ambition to inspire, educate and train the next generation of digital talent.

About Kainos

Kainos provides digital technology services and platforms for organisations across the globe. It has been delivering award-winning IT solutions, consulting and specialised digital products for over 30 years, and employs over 1,150 people across Europe and the USA.

(Jon) #2

Sounds pretty cool. I’m not a big fan of press releases though; they’re written in a fairly robotic PR style, and they are essentially adverts. We like human connections here :smiley_cat:

Is it a public event? What would people do if they were not hackathoning?

(Stuart Langridge) #3

Thank you! I keep thinking about doing a second series of those, if I can find someone else to be a better cameraperson than I am :slight_smile:

And cheers for letting us all know about the hackathon!