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Hey. I want to organise a monthly meetup on a Saturday for people who are developing indie games or making prototypes to bring them and showcase their work to get feedback.

It would also be cool to throw ideas around and maybe do mini game jams with each other. It can also be for tabletop games, not just video games.

I’m already aware of a meetup called Birmingham Indies but when I went it was in a pub and no games were showcased. It might also be better for some people to make it on a weekend instead of a Wednesday.

Can you think of a location that would be good for this? What do you think about it?


Locations that might be good:

Cherry Red’s (there are a couple of meetups here already; in the city centre)
The Victoria (ditto, ditto)
York’s Coffee (not a pub, so more open to people who don’t drink or are under 18 or just don’t like pubs)

There are also quite a few gaming cafes around; Geek Retreat and Manaleak, and they may have room (I’m not sure). I’m pretty sure there used to be a board gaming thing in Urban Coffee as well. Afternoon Play, who are a board game group, are on Sundays in Revolution on Broad Street, so they may know some more venue ideas.

Thanks very much. I’ve already started sending emails!

Cherry Reds said they are happy to support a game development meetup. I will make a thread announcing the meetup when I’ve organised it more with them.

Thanks for the suggestions @sil. It’s probably the nicest place I can think of.


I’ve decided to host the fist Brum Dev Club meetup at The Victoria on 3rd December at 2pm.

I’m asking for anyone who is developing games or making prototypes to come along and bring what you’ve made to get feedback from other people.

It would also be fun to see people playing your games and you can get to know other developers. I struggled to find people in real life that developed games so this would be perfect.

Even if you are thinking of developing games you could come and get advice from people.

Let me know what you think.

@BrumDevClub | /r/BrumDevClub

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Excellent! Can you add it to the calendar of tech events? (Instructions are on that page, and do ping me for help if you need it.)

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