British programming languages

I read a question on Quora about whether all programming languages are American.
It got me thinking about what languages are British and where they came from.

1966 Coral 66, RRE, Malvern.
1967 BCPL University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
1968 POP-1 at Edinburgh… 1980s Poplog at University of Sussex, then Birmingham.
1970 Algol 68R, RRE, Malvern (RSRE by the time I knew about it.
1983 occam, Inmos. Based on CSP, 1978 by Tony Hoare, University of Oxford
1983 Ada (though American, was designed to meet UK MOD standards.)
1992 The Glasgow Haskell Compiler, The Glasgow Haskell Team.
University of Glasgow then Microsoft.

What have I missed since then?

1979 REXX, by, IBM.
Graduate of Birmingham, Professor at Warwick.
I used this at Staffordshire Highways Dept. on EXEC 2 of VM/CMS but I had no idea it was developed at IBM Warwick.

Have you noticed that everything was government funded, including Inmos, the others by either an academic or military route?

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