Birmingham's first Codepen meetup!

Hey everyone!
I’m organising Birmingham’s first Codepen meetup. It’s a primarily a front-end web dev get together. CodePen is a playground for the front end side of the web. It’s all about inspiration, education, and sharing. So if a craft beer fuelled night of all things <code> sounds good. You should come!

The plan is to have a few guest speakers and a show and tell section, where people can show off their pens!

The event is on August 5th, at Pure Bar, 6:30pm.

Hope to see you there!
P.S There is a very likely chance of free swag - more info’ on that soon.


…and it’s going to show up in the Birmingham.IO calendar as soon as we work out how to get an ical feed for codepenbrum meetings :slight_smile:

Let’s hope we can get that working!

Hey @joshy, welcome to the community - very happy to have you here. Why not tell us some more about yourself.

I’m glad to see more meetup groups in the area, count me in - I’m way out of date on my frontend tech, so it’ll be interesting to see what people are doing these days.

I have emailed the nvite peeps, so let’s see if it works…

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: I’ll make sure I got and properly introduce myself!

It would be awesome if you can attend, it should be an interesting night. I’ve already have a person approach me wanting to do a talk about very current front end trends. I’ll announce it soon as it’s finalised.

Cool - I’ve said I’m going, along with about 40 others! Bit miffed though that Nvite won’t let me upload a pic except by linking my Twitter or FB account, which I don’t want to do!

I’d forgotten about this, I just signed up.

Awesome stuff!

I was lucky enough to get some awesome goodies to give away too, lots and lots of stickers!

This is tonight - if anyone wants to join me before it starts, I’m probably going to grab some food in town somewhere -0 maybe Five Guys?? Maybe Mission Burrito?? If that appeals, give me a shout.

Is this the address: Purecraft Bar & Kitchen, Waterloo Street, Birmingham

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I’ll be there :smile:

Glad to hear it. I need people help me spend the bar tab.

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I won’t get to Brum much before 6 but I will want food - I was planning to eat at the venue but I’m not hugely inspired by their menu, so if the timing suits you I can join you, if it’s on the New Street side of things.

@Judes Sure, something like that works for me. I’ll PM you my phone number, so if you text me when you’re near, I can tell you where I am.

(PS, I merged the new post back into the original thread - I wonder what caused it to split off like that?)

Thanks! I tried clicking the blue Reply button and it wouldn’t work, so I clicked ‘Reply as linked topic’ - that will have done it… 8-/

Bah-tastic. Was too busy today to make it :frowning: Someone at least tell me it’s going well so I can vicariously enjoy!

I had a lovely time, sorry!

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Hey everyone, not sure if you’ve seen but I’ve organised a second meetup. This time is hosted by Whisk.

Hopefully if you enjoyed the first, come along to the second :slight_smile:


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