Birmingham Web Meet-up - 12th Sept

(Stefanie Kennett) #1

Holiday Extras are lauching a hub in Birmingham!

We’re looking for Engineers to join our team and have 2 of our current web team talking tech
Please take a look at the eventful page, and come along if you are interested.
Eventful Page

Travel technology is in our blood

At Holiday Extras we believe time is precious, and holidays are some of the most precious times we have. So it’s fitting our purpose and promise to our customers is less hassle, more holiday.

We’re a fast-moving travel technology business, obsessed with making it easy for customers to make the most of their trip. With over 4 million bookings a year we are one of the UK’s most innovative travel companies and continue to grow fast and expand our offering as a trips-based business.

We’re the UK market leader in travel ancillaries; once you have booked a flight and accommodation, we take care of the rest. That includes airport hotels, insurance, airport parking, lounges, foreign currency, car hire, resort transfers and attractions. Almost all of our business is conducted online, either direct through our own website and app or through our network of partners that include the major travel retailers, airlines and tour operators.

Our product engineering team are based in our custom-built Wave and Reef campuses, just 5 minutes from the beach in Hythe, Kent, less than an hour from London. We also have engineers in Sofia (Bulgaria) and at our tech hub in Birmingham. In total we have more than 130 people working on our product development including engineers, product managers, testers, and designers.

(Stefanie Kennett) #2

Is anyone able to add this to the calendar please? :slight_smile:

(Jon) #3

I think that might be @jims, he’s the boss now!

(Jim Seconde) #4

Hah, “very slowly becoming the boss” might be more accurate.

@Holidayextras the Calendar automatically adds any meetups tagged with obvious keywords such as tech & Birmingham. However, I can see you’re using Eventful, which I’m not sure whether it’s hooked up. @sil is it only Meetup on the calendar, and have we the ability to add manual items?

(Stefanie Kennett) #5

Thanks! Yeah I saw it’s just meetup at the moment.

It was actually @sil that messaged us on Twitter to get it advertised here so hoping he can help :slight_smile:

(Stuart Langridge) #6

It was :slight_smile: The calendar automatically adds stuff on Meetup. For non-Meetup meetups, we can explicitly add an iCal/ICS link for meetings to the calendar. I don’t know if Eventful provides an ics link for meetings, so I’ve pinged them on Twitter to ask. Once we know that, we’ll sort out getting it added to the calendar, @Holidayextras!

(Stuart Langridge) #7

Hm. I should note that Eventful haven’t posted anything to their Twitter feed since 2016. So, there may not be an answer. A bit of explanation is therefore required (which is unavoidably technical): the calendar works by reading iCal feeds. We therefore need an iCal feed of Holiday Extras meetups from Eventful to add to the calendar. The issue here is: does Eventful provide such a thing? They may not, irritatingly. They have an API which provides them, but it requires authentication. I’m looking into it. Meanwhile, if you know how to get an iCal URL for your meetups, you can send us a pull request if you’re technical, or tell us it if not, and that’ll get the event into the calendar.

(Update: hrm. I can get an application key, which will let me get an iCal URL for a meetup, which I can then add to the calendar. But to do that I have to tell eventful my name, job, company, home mailing address, and agree to go on their mailing list. Double hm. Not keen on that, eventful. So, I may just add this one event to the calendar and be done; this means that future @Holidayextras events will not automatically show up on the calendar, but I don’t think eventful supports that anyway. Other sites – meetup, tito, google calendar, attending – do support that, and they may be worth investigating for future meetings.)

(Stuart Langridge) #8

And, just to confirm, this is now done. So:

  1. @Holidayextras your meetup on the 12th is now in the calendar and viewable by anyone subscribed to it (and will show up on in a few days when we’re closer to the event)
  2. I can now add arbitrary one-off events to the calendar easily if need be, which is helpful in this sort of situation. So, hooray.

(Stefanie Kennett) #9

Fantastic! Thank you @sil

(Stefanie Kennett) #10

Hopefully we will see some of you at the event tonight - all are welcome! There will be pizza, soft drink and beers :beers:

(Stuart Langridge) #11

Sorry I couldn’t make it – got caught up. I hope it went well!