'Birmingham Tech' - what is that?

I’m thinking through what the difference between the ‘Midland Information Cluster’ I suggested and the Birmingham.IO Information Cluster’ we have started to work on is. This came out of a chat on the ‘Bars’ list I put in our git last night. I think we and Birmingham CAMRA want different versions of the list and ours is both a subset and a superset of theirs. I think ‘our community’ needs to know where our members meet up and pubs play a large part in that.

Communities are interwoven. I called the mic “Midland” to show that Birmingham has fuzzy boundaries and “Information Cluster” because we have connections to other lumps of information.

I’ll put up a straw donkey for you all to whack with sticks:

When we in Birmingham.IO say “tech”, I think we mean “Information, computation and communication technology and techniques”. We are predominantly the ‘hackers’. There are ‘hustlers’ and ‘hipsters’ who intersect with our circle and occupy areas outside our ‘domain’.

There are electric car makers and metal bashers who use tech but I don’t think we mean them, unless they like chips. LinkedIn just told me that two Aston alumni are scratchings entrepreneurs too. If I had a mushy peas business plan, I wouldn’t expect anyone here to be any more interested than the general population.

Sorry if you think I’m being over-analytical because none of this matters and I’m wasting your time. I’m trying to look ahead a bit, to prevent wasting time.

More than 20 people have read this but no-one has responded.

Is my central definition right or wrong?:
“Information, computation and communication technology and techniques”.

I don’t know what silence means. I won’t be offended if you think it’s wrong. I asked because I’d like to make it better.

To me Tech, in this context, is mostly people who do some sort of programming, HTML, JS, Python etc. for various purposes including the web (of course), phone apps, embedded/ardiuno/RPi/robots etc. I’d leave metal, woodworkers etc. to some other community.

I can’t find that the discussion on the pubs list, I’m not sure why we’d need it particularly. For the Coffee shops list, I think it ought to list factors relevant to Tech people, namely speed/quality of WiFi, availability of power sockets, opening times etc… I’m not sure why we need a list of technologies, to be honest, unless they can be related to Birmingham/the Midlands in some way (e.g. conferences/meet ups in the area).


Thanks. Your list seems to me to fit inside the one one I gave (‘ICT’ with computation emphasised as an equal partner to information and technology’s 2 meanings made explicit to include process, methods, patterns etc.) Do you think I’ve gone too wide?

I included pubs because we meet in them a lot and London people are impressed by the price of beer. I didn’t want to be too prescriptive because a team thinks better than an individual but those were the kind of ideas I was thinking of too.

Seems like too much scope to try give people a guide to pubs, when there is trip advisor etc… I think they are only worth noting if they are noteworthy in some way, e.g. they have a projector, or you can book private rooms cheap etc.

It’d be great to have run down of places you can host talks, which is something that’d help people organisers create events.

I think process, methods, patterns is fine, I’d assume that means things like agile, DevOps, OO etc. Though I’m not sure people use terms like yours often though, I’d just call it all tech.

It was only intended to be a list of pubs that we meet at, formally or informally. The rest is an intersection with the beer community, so I’d hope to use their list, if it was good enough. I’d like to see the mic develop as a cluster of ‘communities’ as well as ‘places’ but we’re starting with tech because we are used to working with things that aren’t finished (or in this case are hardly started) and it’s our itch we’re scratching.

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