Birmingham Street Parking Charges API

Today, while in Birmingham, I’ve seen many parked cars slapped with the depressing yellow parking fine. I have counted roughly about 7 cars! While I’m getting the hang of coding, I wanted to take React and Redux a bit deeper (React and Nodejs). I wanted to build something while I learn React. That’s how I teach myself; I cant follow those “already tutorial”.

Is there an api available that has the fine charges that I could use? Or do I have to go onto the Birmingham’s website and manually get the amount? That would be tiresome to update the prices manually.

I wanted to build a map showing all the charges etc. Later, a React Native app that alerts you when your parking time is almost up. I’m not worried if an app is already doing this; this is just for educational purposes. I learn by doing complicated stuff :wink:

The @digibrum team asked in What data would you like to see OPEN! for examples of data you’d like to see open; this seems like a good example, and they may have people to contact there who would know. If not… then you get to write a screen scraper for the council website. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that.

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