Birmingham Museums Hackathon thing

(Matt Machell) #1

Saw this over on the Twitters, and thought it might interest some folks here too.

This is a digital content production and archive hackathon project funded by the Arts Council England as part of BMAG’s plan to release an image and sound archive for use by others. We are working to ‘hack’ the contents through spoken word, writing and technology responses over a short period of time. for more info.

I wonder if they’ll have any saxon horde related material…


(Stuart Langridge) #2

ooh, that looks cool. Anyone interested in putting a team together?

(Daniel Hollands) #3

This sounds like the sort of thing I’d like to do, but the timing doesn’t work out as I already have something booked then.

(Andy Wootton) #4

I’m still not developmentally competent enough to contribute coding but I would like to chuck an idea in the hat. As a non-historian, I struggle to understand the context of artifacts to events and I find time-lines very helpful but time-lines interweave and things happen in parallel but influence one another. I’ve recently noticed that ‘the thing we call time’ can be considered a Directed Acyclic Graph of ordered events. DAGs are trending right now.

(Mike Elsmore) #5

I’ve put name in the hat to go, I’m looking at making an interactive knowledge graph or something else… no idea till I get my grubby mitts on schtuff

(Andy Wootton) #6

Same thing :slight_smile: I missed out location, so 2D Space + time. The floor plates in the JQ mark the location of earlier events or time-ranges, answering the “what happened here?” question. But there is also the “where were the pen factories?” or “Where are the Tolkein sites?” or “What did the Quakers ever do for us?”