Birmingham Medical Tech Startup Currently Hiring


Memrica is currently working on an App called Prompt which is designed to aid people living with dementia and other people with memory loss issues.

It’s based around linking entities such as people and places to notes which are created in natural language to then be able to answer questions such as “Who am I meeting next Tuesday?” and “When did I last meet Geethma?”

Our currently architecture includes

  • An iOS application written in Swift and using Couchbase Lite
  • A RESTful Node.JS API running on Azure Cloud Services and interacting with a Couchbase Datastore
  • A Web Dashboard written in Javascript’s React Framework
  • A Javascript NLP library for performing Named Entity Recognition on a device without network connection

In the future we will be looking at taking a cross platform approach to mobile development so experience in this area would also be desirable.

The successful applicant should already have experience to assist us in one of these areas and have the drive to learn new skills so they can take on more responsibilities in the other areas.

Our Twitter is

If you’re interested you should email me ( with link to a CV, Website, Github Profile, etc. as well as salary expectation if possible.

Should we close down the jobs category?
(Jon) #2

Hi Lily. Is Memrica based in Birmingham or the Midlands?


Hello, Memrica is based at Innovation Birmingham which is next to Aston University.

(Jon) #4

Great, thanks Lily! :smile:


Hi everyone,

We’re still hiring!

Lots of exciting things have been happening

  • We won Uber Pitch, one of four european startups selected for the award.

  • We’ve released the first version Prompt iOS app to a test audience

  • We are a finalist for the Smart Aging Prize, a european competition for innovation to improve the lives of older adults.


Hi everyone,

Pleased to say we’ve now filled this role with an awesome candidate

Thank you