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Just wondering why this site’s twitter account continually tweets releases from Packt Publishing.

'cos it’s subscribed to the Planet Birmingham RSS feed, and that in turn contains among other things Packt’s blog, and Packt publish their releases to their blog, I assume. But @LimeBlast can confirm!

Exactly this. Anything with the #PlanetBirmingham hashtag is from the RSS feed. I guess this raises the question - do we want this to continue happening?

As a local business, I’m happy for Packt to be on Planet Birmingham, but if it’s nothing but book promotion, is it relevant? What do you think?

This thread has just reminded me to unsub from the Brum.IO twitter - i’ve not seen anything on there that’s made me want to click, precisely because it’s RSS-like. No real context, just a link and a title.

So, re:

Anything with the #PlanetBirmingham hashtag is from the RSS feed. I guess this raises the question - do we want this to continue happening?

I’m votin’ with my feet

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TBH, social media isn’t my thing. I’ll be on there on occasion, posting something or other, but it’s not something which is managed. If there is someone out there that knows what they doing, and would like to look after the twitter account - let me know :smile:

I unfollowed. (More characters.)

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We should remove Packt in that case and probably Droplet too. We could also split off the planet stuff to a separate feed, though that would leave the main Birmingham.IO Twitter pretty much empty of tweets.

I would rather there be too few, than too many - this means when we do have something to say, it won’t be drowned out by noise.

Do you want to remove them, or shall I?

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I think the best way to do it would be splitting the twitter accounts. - Contains links to the popular forum posts that come out of this forum. Either manually added (so that the discussions around coffee machines or just general chatter aren’t added) to just promote the really serious talk talk or automated which would be a lot easier. - Contains links to all the blog posts in planet birmingham. I’d take all the business blog posts out thou as they’re generally written by content writers with no tech knowledge and are usually just to make a business’ blog look active for SEO.

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I’ll sort it out, this evening.

I think the main account should still sometimes tweet links to blogs from the community and also link to noteworthy events in the local area that help bring the community together.

In general people should not just think of as just the forum, but the wider group of sites and community.

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I think I get more hits on my blog via than anywhere. As I write to discover what I think, hits aren’t particularly important to me but it suggests that people are reading the feed.

They do produce excellent tech books… It’s not like its 50 shades of grey.
(+Hello again)

Come to think of it, a good twitter feed, especially connected to a ‘thing’ rather than a human, should provide good information about that thing, or links to other relevant content that supports that thing.

In this case the thing being - perhaps the twitter should simply tweet out a mix of "Here’s a great new post + new event + new blog post of the day. Selective, not “auto”.
It’s a modern challenge to “auto” a process and make it feel like its manual. Thus all the “Social Media Manager” roles putting humans to work on this stuff!

So if you can crack that - great - if not - start manually tweeting (use BufferApp to help) good links to the site…
My 2p :slightly_smiling:

  • Gav

Problem: people. I’ve discovered I don’t know what someone else might find interesting. I accept that I might be particularly bad at that but I don’t think it’s easy to automate.


I’m not sure anyone is offering is to do it manually (I’m not). Even if they did, @Woo’s point is valid, what is interesting to one person is not to another. I’m not sure having a “Social Media Manager” would be better, if anything it’s worse, in business they often an obsess about boosting follower and like stats to justify their role. The other thing is fairness, shouldn’t everyone have a platform where their posts might actually be read, without some gatekeeper?

The automation already uses Buffer to spread tweets out during the day and Zapier to automate getting them from RSS.

I’ve removed the Packt from the Twitter, though I haven’t split the accounts yet. The volume is down to about one post a day (at the moment), do we still want to split the accounts?

I’m torn on this issue - I’m truly not sure.

For simplicity, I’m tempted to suggest leaving it as it is. Removing Packt will help keep the content relevant, and if it’s averaging only 1 post per day, I don’t see the harm in keeping them where they are.

But I can also see the arguments for splitting it.

I guess the people we should ask are @stevejalim and @auxbuss - would they come back and follow the main account, if the planet posts were moved elsewhere?

Yes. I enjoyed the rest of the content; @Woo’s posts, for example. Others too.

Thank you @auxbuss. I tried to extend my skill-set by doing a presentation to Web Staffordshire last night (and to start getting over my irrational fear of formal presenting.) It’s only fair to say that if you want intelligent stand-up, I’d try Stewart Lee. Why does no-one ever laugh at my favourite jokes? I didn’t even get lost in the middle, this time… NOTHING!

I think the only problem with Packt was the sudden flurry of posts. What about a daily cap on posts from a single source? Is that hard? I have no idea.

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