Birmingham.IO project ideas

Birmingham.IO currently is a discussion board and a aggregator of blogs, but what else do you think should be added?

If we have one idea per comment, then people can like the comments with the ideas they think are worthwhile.

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Would it not be better to have a separate thread for each idea, rather than just a separate comment? That way we know that each comment in said thread is related to said idea, rather than trying to filter between ideas.

I mean, right now we’ve only discussed two ideas (events listing and freelancer page) and already I’m having trouble keeping track of what’s what.

If your permission, I’ll split this out into the relevant threads.

Yes, fine split them

If this idea is going to take off I do think that there needs to be at least a basic style guide or some informal brand guidelines to enforce some consistency amongst the projects.

The projects (and style guide etc.) would also make for some great content for potential pair programming / open code / other meet up sessions.

What would be really handy is if someone with some design/front-end skills was to set-up and offer to do this.

My basic approach was to mostly mimic what we’ve got on the forum (which, apart from the added borders and fonts, is mostly vanilla discourse), and I made a start on this with what I did for Planet Birmingham - but that is far from finished.

From my end, I think even if all we did was define some basic colours and fonts, then put together a starter theme (using Basecamp - the beginnings of which exists at Planet Birmingham) that would be good enough for me - but that’s not to say that some talented designer couldn’t take it to the next level.

The thing which I keep coming back to is the fact that a lot of the projects which we’re thinking about for the site, are all very different (and in a lot of cases will be built upon existing systems/platforms), so for these, I think the best we can hope for is colours and fonts, etc…

Problems is, I really am the wrong person to take point in this, as I don’t have a designer’y bone in my body - do we have any takers?

I can design something if someone else can build. Will have to be in my spare time but happy to help where possible.


Although I’m a little out of practice these days, I always prided myself on being able to replicate almost any design created for the web… so sure, @zer0mike, I’d happily build whatever you design :thumbsup:

Thank you :smile:

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