Birmingham Innovation

(Josh ) #1

Hi Everyone - I’m working with London Midland to run the 2nd cohort of our amazingly successful acceleration/collaboration/innovation programme London Midland Labs.

The first cohort of London Midland Labs saw 10 businesses go through a 10 week programme to help them pivot their solutions into transport, rail and travel. Out of the 10 businesses 6 have direct supplier contracts with London Midland and the rest are further developing their products to build a strong proposition and collaboration in the future.

The programme includes mentoring from Board-level people at London Midland, product development and pivoting support from digital studio 383 Project, Practical business support from investors & fellow founders, access to data sets, office space in a dedicated innovation Lab, Events and comms channels to use as a platform to promote your business.

You might not have a product or solution that is already in transport, but there is always the opportunity to explore new revenue opportunities in new markets. We are looking for solutions in accessibility, mobile working/productivity, passenger communication, parking, retail and vending.

There’s no equity taken, no fees & part-time participation is possible.
Check out to find out more - the deadline to apply is the 14th July!
Happy to answer any questions if you have any: just email or message me on here - thanks!

(Andy Wootton) #2

Hi @JoshDale and welcome to the community.

May I make a suggestion? I think this post is more about “London Midland Labs” or “Transport Innovation”, so I’d change the title to that, so interested people will find it easier and the conversation doesn’t get hi-jacked by talk of other ‘Birmingham Innovation’, which appears to be ‘on topic’. This isn’t a problem now because people tend to read the new posts but might be in a couple of weeks time when they come looking for the “that transport thing” for their friend.

It was an interesting post though, which has changed my understanding of what you were looking for (again.) In Lean & Agile product development, “pivot” usually means ‘to realise you’re going in a direction which won’t satisfy your goals, and change’ (like in basketball.) I hadn’t understood that you were looking for existing products that could be repackaged for transport, because that isn’t what I think “innovation” means. It sounds like you think some innovation has already happened and you want to find it, which sounds more like package acquisition and customisation. Perhaps you could explain to the community what you want to achieve and “what’s in it for London Midland?” because ‘free lunches’ from large companies make some innovators nervous, until they understand motivation and most of us enjoy solving problems.