Birmingham Experience Design meetup #3 - March 4th 2020

Join us on Wednesday March 4th for two talks with very different contexts but common threads of designing for the NHS, building/engaging community and establishing design standards and guidance.

Birmingham Experience Design - quarterly events for the User-Centred digital design community in and around the Midlands.

Added to the calendar’s sources list in and so should start showing up soon. Let me know if it doesn’t!

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This sounds interesting. I’ve worked in agile software development of bespoke software, as a Product Owner, but in a large company with a fairly prescriptive house style for web applications, probably dictated by corporate comms directives rather than designers.
Result: I don’t really know the difference between User Experience (Design) UX and Experience Design XD.
Is this a valid explanation?
My past is also littered with terms like “ergonomics” and “HCI design” which seem related.

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Hi @Woo, to be honest it’s mostly a case of semantics and marketing :slight_smile:

We use XD as a broader catch-all term; partly because UX is very much viewed as an evolution of UI, or Interaction Design (IxD) with a greater scope and we wanted the event to be inclusive of a greater number of disciplines of User-Centred Design with that digital focus. So yeah - HCI is very firmly within that realm.

The design capability of my employer is often referred to as XD, but within that we have UX/Interaction designers, content designers, user researchers, service designers, visual designers, design strategists…

The other reasons for going with XD is that ‘Birmingham UX Group’ was already taken… and it meant that we could use BHX in the name :wink:

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