Birmingham Clojure Meet up, anyone, or two?!

(Dee Vious) #1

I’m thinking about Clojure too often, and without enough, actual, coding.
I haven’t found a Birmingham meetup group for Clojure, so I am looking for expressions of interest in attending one, if I start one up?
I’m thinking once or twice a month, to provide support, community, tutorials - maybe even a dojo (if that means what I think it means - like a coding class).
Let me know if you have any specialist topics or areas of particular interest, or knowledge.
Let me know if you have a preferred location, and, really speak up if there is the prospect of a free location from some kindly benefactor! In London, they even get sponsored lunch provided so, what can do, city number two?!

(Andy Wootton) #2

There is a Functional Meetup but it has it’s own Slack, where people don’t talk. I think it would be a good idea to merge with Brumtech, to get more functional people, if @Jess agrees too.

An organiser is @paulspencerwilliams who is a Clojurist himself and introduced me to it - the Git! He’s a very busy boy.

(Dee Vious) #3

I’m not sure that a quiet Slack channel is the same thing, though it might help to prevent people actually meeting up.
Did I miss the posting for the next meetup? Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough but, I did look!

Before joining this site, I’d never heard of ‘Silicon Canal’. Since then, I don’t get a sense of that moniker, in action. A meetup group that meets up, would be progress in Birmingham making progress. A free venue and, maybe, free lunch would be a sign of good faith.

My offer stands! If Paul is very busy then perhaps, in my naivete, I can help?

(Andy Wootton) #4

if you look at the past Functional Programming meetings, there have been 7 - 18 people in attendence. I think a meeting was postponed because a speaker had to drop out. I only know of Paul, you and I on the forum who use Clojure. There may be others but they’re very quiet.

(Dee Vious) #5

By my simple maths, that leaves just me, you and, possibly, Paul, to get them to speak up!
BTW, how many people make for quorum?
Thus, how many people do we need, to achieve positive progress, reinforcement, and synergy?
If there is and, if there’s going to be, a Silicon Canal, it has to be an actual progressive movement, and not just a phrase.

For my part, I should look beyond this site, in order to find Midlands minds of similar interest.
Andy - I’m going to take your response as a sign of interest but, I need to establish a base of interest, before I can promote the idea, elsewhere.

I will let the idea ruminate, and see if some likes reflect the shared need, that I suspect is out there.

While I have my own ideas, I would like a meetup in which the attendees set the agenda. Perhaps reflecting more local requirements, and local employers. Compared to London, that might/should mean more consideration of engineering and manufacturing problems, and solutions.

Overall, synergy is the thing - lethargy helped nobody!

(Omar Qureshi) #6

I’d be willing to attend a revival of the FP meetups, my evening time is more free-er than it has been for the last year, so, I’m willing to do a bit more.

(Dee Vious) #7

Thank you for your interest - I will keep you posted.

In my mind, I envisioned something for the weekend. Would that suit you?

It’s all far from definite so, at this stage, I’m just getting a feel for how a meetup could best serve the community.


(Andy Wootton) #8

@ArgyBargy My comments about number of functional programmers willing to attend meetings were intended to encourage your suggestion to help with the existing Functional group, rather than start a Clojure group to compete with it. I’ve found the move to the functional paradigm is the hard part of the shift to Clojure, so that is where I needed most help.

I’ve never been to a weekend meeting in Brum but maybe some people would prefer it. I think ‘conventional wisdom’ says people prefer to stay after work for a meeting than break into their weekend but maybe there’s a completely untapped market who never go because they work late, are tired, want to put their children to bed etc.

(Andy Wootton) #9

@ArgyBargy I’ve created a new #prog-functional channel on the Slack-chat at brumtech. You might want to ask there and start a thread for replies.