Best Project management methodology for Web based ERP Implementation [Water fall /Agile ]

(Sahi) #1

Which is the best project management methodology to implement the web based ERP [Water fall /Agile ]ERP package contains more than 14 modules .

1st modules implementation ->Testing ->UAT ->sign off ,then second module
All modules implementation ->testing ->UAT->sign off- testing

which one will be the better option

(Andy Wootton) #2

Agility is about being lightweight, flexible and cheap to change; and ERP isn’t.

The ERP business model is predicated on change being difficult, so it is heavy.
You have to use their consultants and that makes it expensive, so it becomes inflexible. It becomes cheaper to mould your business onto their generic abstraction than to customise the software to meet your business needs.

ERP is to agility what wellington boots would be to cheetahs.

(Dee Vious) #3

I think that the shortest answer is, ‘it depends’ but a better answer would be, ‘whichever you’re most familiar with.’

ERP is not a business model - its purpose is to constantly reflect the business and its requirements. Effectively, it’s all about change.

Talking of requirements, you don’t seem to have any! Having mentioned Agile, you’d surely want a set of requirements to break down into sprints/iterations.

Also, and I’ve done it myself, it is possible to agree a set of user-requirements and acceptance-tests, at the same time. The benefit is that UAT of this sort helps to manage newly-realised and changed requirements, in relation to the project’s resources (time/money).

(Andy Wootton) #4

Enterprise Resource Planning is a class of half-written software, waiting to be configured, from a set of standard business models to get closer to your requirements. Most ERP consultants will advise you to change your business to be close to one of the standard models, rather than customise from the standard model, every time there is a new release.

If it was a suit, it would be neither off-the-peg nor made-to-measure but something in between. It meets some people’s needs; if they want decent quality and are a fairly standard shape. I’m fairly negative because I think software should be a business differentiator - a cost to be optimised rather than minimised.