BASH Festival of Code - August 10-11

On August 10-11 the finale of BASH Festival of Code is taking place in Millennium Point.

It’s a free coding event for 13-17 year olds interested in tech with a 2-stream conference, a film screening and a whole set of activities based on building projects. There’s also an optional overnight of people are travelling a little for it.

There’s spaces left and we really want to get as many young people there as possible. If you know any techies or parents of them please share it with them :two_hearts:

Congratulations on getting your First from Goldsmiths, Kevin. Fancy! :smile:
Are you coming back to Brum, beyond the BASHing?

Thanking you kindly!

Right now just for events, but I do love Brum. Will be back up occasionally as we prep for a Jan conference in Brum :slight_smile:

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I like London, in small, discreet iterations.

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