Barcamp Birmingham 2017

(Peter Oliver) #1

Do folks know about the FLOSS UK unconference this Saturday? Free lunch!

(Stuart Langridge) #2

I did, but didn’t get the chance to go. How was it?

(Peter Oliver) #3

Attendance was down again on previous years. It’s a shame; I always think it should be more popular than it is.

(Steve Pitchford) #4

Shame. Enjoyed it last year. Would have loved to have gone again.

(Andy Wootton) #5

I didn’t know about it until your post @mavit and I need longer than that for the political preparation necessary for a weekend day ‘off-base’ :slight_smile: . If anything else would have put me off, it was the description of it being for open-source developers. I wasn’t sure I qualified. Is it all deep tech stuff? When you haven’t ever been, you don’t know these things. I think communities sometimes forget that people on the outside don’t know what they’re about.

I just sit here worrying about whether ‘point in time’ can be singular, or if it’s theoretical, like an infinitesimally small point in space. I think this is why I wander off ‘the point’ so often. I don’t know what that’s about, either.

(Etewiah) #6

Really wish I’d known about this beforehand.