Bandcamp's developer test/treasure hunt

That’s really a lovely user-agent you have there, but I suggest you try another.

Is as far as I’ve gotten so far…

I have the next clue after that @LimeBlast. I won’t post it unless people want to do it themselves.

Onto the last stage now. It’s got me stumped atm thou…

Scratch that think I worked out how to do it but the answer I got was pretty random. Going to try emailing it now - not because I want a job with them thou tbf. I just wanna know I was right :L


Think I’ve figured it out. Did they get back to you?

I haven’t sent an email yet - As I don’t particularly want a job with them I wasn’t too sure what to say in the email haha. PM me what you think it was and if we have come to the same result I’ll just assume I’m right and leave it at that.

I quite like the approach. I wonder if they are looking to fill a role or just use it when there aren’t specific roles to fill but they don’t necessarily want to pass on talent…

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