Anyone interested in a TDD meetup group?

Just an idea right now, but I’m interested in hearing what you think - who’d be interested in being part of a monthly TDD meetup group?

It would be language agnostic, and would focus on helping people learn the concepts behind test driven development, behaviour driven development, and even domain driven development, and might include some code review sessions, etc…

Let me know what you think

…but in what language? I’m sure a specific language is involved or is it not?

It will be language agnostic - that is to say, the concepts being spoken about can be applied to any language. Sure, much like what I described of my university experience, these concepts often need a language in which to be represented - but that’s just an implementation detail - not the focus of the group.

So, in answer to your question - whatever language you want.

I’m thinking it could borrow an idea from what @elaptics and @paulspencerwilliams have been doing, and base itself around the book Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests (or GOOS for short). The book is written for Java (I think), but it’s ideas can be represented in any language (such as Ruby, which I think their aforementioned pair are doing).

This is still the early genesis of an idea, however, so I’m open to any and all feedback.

I’d definitely be interested in something like this

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I’m also in. Make it a place where food is easily to get :wink:

I’m interested in principle but worried about over-committing myself. I saw some interesting material about how to test in micro-server architectures a couple of days ago.

I think I started at the BBC Academy page.

I’d be interested although I will also have to balance my commitments :wink:

I’m glad to see we have some interest.

I guess the next step would be to work out the best format for it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I learn best by doing - the problem is, I don’t think there is very much which can be done in a 2-3 hour session once a month. With this in mind, I think it might be worth taking a book club approach to it.

I’m thinking that each meetup session would focus on an idea or technique or something - and end with the issuing of a task/homework (in the same way that a book club would say “this month you’ll be reading XZY”). You’d go away, and at your leisure in the month until the next meetup you’ll complete the task in whatever way you see fit. At the start of the next meetup there will be a peer review session, going over the past month’s task, and sharing what was learnt - before moving onto that month’s topic.

How does something like this sound?

I agree - TDD is something you do.

At the ‘old’ (urban coffee / whisk) Brum CodeJo meetups we just did a paired kata for a few hours using TDD in multiple languages. Some people who came along had never done either TDD or pair programming - I think they got a lot of insight by pairing with someone who did.

The book I always go back to is the original Kent Beck from 2002. I find that a lot of nonsense is said about TDD, in fact the first time I saw it demonstrated I said I would never, ever do it. As it turned out, the speaker had no idea. A colleague of mine - Ian Cooper - has a good talk on ‘TDD, Where did it all go wrong?’

I’d be interested in helping if times / dates align.

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Agreed - Doing is that way to learn. Maybe first session would be a simple kata to get people into the Red Green Refactor techniques with a few katas for home work. Second session would build on it, slightly more advanced topics like matchers, and starting to introduce doubles (specifically not mocks). Third session would add mocks and describe the mockist vs classic approach to TDD, and possibly when / where these could be employed?

I like the idea of each session building upon the last - but what do we do about people who might be joining the group a few weeks in?

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