Anyone else run BOINC?

(Steve Jalim) #1

I’d be up for forming a group (as long as no one objects to me using my spare CPU cycles for SETI)

(Daniel Hollands) #2

Sorry @stevejalim, you’re going to have to fill in the gaps for me. What’s BONIC?

(Steve Jalim) #3

(Daniel Hollands) #4

Well, of course I could have just googled it, but I was trying to gently nudge you into writing a more informative post :wink:

In any case, a group would be cool - I have at least 2 Pis that I could add to it.

(Colin Smith) #5

I’m up for it, I used to run it a lot some years ago, mainly for SETI@Home. I fell out with it a bit when for some reason it would have required installing Virtual Box, not sure why that was now

(Marc Cooper) #6

The link \o/ :

I’d never heard of this. It sounds interesting and worthy.

How does a group work? What are the benefits? I’m questioning why. I’m just ignorant and can’t be arsed to wade through the docs right now :slightly_smiling:

(Steve Jalim) #7

@auxbuss Realistically, there’s not much to be gained from a group beyond collective bragging rights and the undeniable human instinct to ‘gain more points’ (for completing work units).

More optimistically, the history virtu-sheets might one day mention the “great protein-folding breakthrough” or that the next “Wow! Signal” might be called the “ signal” :wink:

(Steve Jalim) #8

Have just set up the SETI group - it’s open to all.

SETI@home is my current use of spare CPU and solar power, but if people want to get into Folding@Home and other challenge, please do make a group and add a link here

(Steve Jalim) #9

So, now we are two:

Who is cowgomoo, then?

(Colin Smith) #10

that be me :slightly_smiling:

(Daniel Hollands) #11

It’s only taken 22 months or so, but I’ve finally joined the team and installed BOINC.

Only, I’m not sure if I’ve done it right. I’ve followed these instructions, but when I run the command to see which tasks are running, nothing comes up.

(Steve Jalim) #12

Looks like it is working

(Daniel Hollands) #13

I think this also confirms that:

pi@helium:~ $ boinccmd --get_tasks

======== Tasks ========
1) -----------
   name: 16fe07aa.20476.22567.10.37.95.vlar_0
   WU name: 16fe07aa.20476.22567.10.37.95.vlar
   project URL:
   report deadline: Thu Feb 22 11:59:28 2018
   ready to report: no
   got server ack: no
   final CPU time: 0.000000
   state: downloaded
   scheduler state: scheduled
   exit_status: 0
   signal: 0
   suspended via GUI: no
   active_task_state: EXECUTING
   app version num: 806
   checkpoint CPU time: 186347.400000
   current CPU time: 186395.900000
   fraction done: 0.456895
   swap size: 36 MB
   working set size: 35 MB
   estimated CPU time remaining: 223100.438407

The Pi I’m running this on has an LED matrix on it, which would be cool if I could scroll across the current progress - but that’s a little advanced for me right now.

(Dom Barnes) #14

I used to run Setu@home on my PC waaaay back in the late 90’s/2000’s. Back when I think my first unit took about 65hrs to do. And my parents wouldn’t let me leave the PC on when I was at school.

(Alex Russell) #15

I could sit and watch that FFT visualisation all day long.