Alexa, what's new? From the Birmingham.IO calendar, upcoming tech events are

(Stuart Langridge) #1

So, you can now get a list of events going on today and tomorrow from your Amazon Echo. has the details, but the short version is: just search for “Birmingham.IO” in the Alexa app. Suggestions for improvements, or questions, are welcome!

What are people doing with their Amazon Echo devices?
(Daniel Hollands) #2

HA!! Nice. I’ll try this out when I get home.

(Daniel Hollands) #3

I don’t tend to use the flash briefings all that much, but maybe I should incorporate it into my morning routine.

When I used it this morning, it had 2 events on it, both at 6:30 tonight, but I think I saw 3 on the calendar. I’m also wondering what scope there is for asking about events in the next seven days?

(Stuart Langridge) #4

It doesn’t like Bodega. I don’t know why. Looking into it; thank you :slight_smile:

There’s no scope, as far as I’m aware, for you to customise what a Flash Briefing skill does. I don’t really want to have it tell you about things for the next seven days, because (a) then it’ll list, like, twenty events and that’s boring, and (b) you really don’t in my opinion need informing today about a thing that happens next Wednesday. (Since you’ll listen to your Flash Briefing six more times between now and then.) However, I’d be fine with creating a second skill which does the same thing but has a longer reach, so it will spend five minutes reading out a week’s worth of events, if people think it’s a good idea (which would show me to be wrong about how this gets used, which is useful info in itself :))

(Daniel Hollands) #5

I think a second skill might be handy, not as a news brief, but as a more general query tool, with the ability to ask it about specific dates, or date ranges. That’s not to say that I’d actually use such a thing (I’m not actually using the echo all that much at all if I’m honest with you), but if we have the data available…

(Stuart Langridge) #6

oh, a real actual skill? “Alexa, ask Birmingham.IO what’s on today?” That could be interesting…

(Greg Robson) #7 skill has been added. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m curious to know how easy it is to develop skills for the platform (language, APIs).

I can’t help but feel that Apple are losing the war with a closed/restricted ecosystem. (…that and the HomePod costs £319!)