Agile in the City: Birmingham - March 30-31st 2017

(Mark Dalgarno) #1

Just a heads-up that I’m organising a new 2 day agile and lean conference to take place next Spring.

Agile in the City: Birmingham will feature keynotes, case studies, workshops and discussions from some of the UK and Europe’s leading practitioners.

A public Call for Speakers is now open and we can support speakers, including first-timers, in developing their session ideas.

(Stuart Langridge) #2

Who’s the ideal delegate for this? Developers, managers, scrum masters; people who aren’t currently using agile methods or people who are heavily into it; what sort of thing?

(Mark Dalgarno) #3

Hi Stuart,

I expect most people will have some agile experience already, although we typically get a few people coming to our other conferences who are new to agile.

We’re aiming for a 3 track conference so there should be content for everyone. We usually have a developer/tester track for example, one aimed at project managers/scrum masters and one aimed at product owners/BAs. It does depend a bit on who submits which sessions for the conference.

Take a look at our last event in Bristol for an idea of what the programme might look like:


(Andy Wootton) #4

Please don’t call that middle channel “Leadership” :slight_smile: . “Facilitation” perhaps?

(Andy Wootton) #5

It’s here

@Mark_Dalgarno I’ve been thinking about a presentation I’d like to make but it’s about as far from practical as I’ve ever known an agile presentation be, so it doesn’t seem very appropriate to this conference. It’s a mash-up of methodology (not methods), higher order functions and science.