Agile and Introversion (@BirminghamScrum)

There was some chat last night about introverts and Scrum, which may seem to favour the extroverted character. This is something I’ve worried about for a while. I self-identify as a ‘functioning introvert’ myself and I was surprised to hear other Scrum Masters say the same. Yet there was also some criticism of the ‘rock star developers’ who don’t work well with the rest of the team. They are frequently the most brilliant individuals but can drag down the performance of the whole team by making independent decisions that they don’t communicate; wasting other people’s time.

How does agility cope? Are they extreme introverts or just bad team players? How do you fix the problem? I thought it would be interesting to get opinions from devs as well as Scrum Masters.

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I believe that this is more about how to manage and develop people rather than the methodology of how one manages and develops products.
There are vast volumes on this topic and it has been well documented since the Roman Army!
Fixing the problem is more of a development of the manager’s skills PLUS the culture of the whole business. Satya Nadella has been on this journey within Microsoft
Great topic to discuss providing people want to grow themselves.

Hi Hugo. Welcome to the forum. I think you may be approaching this in a different way to me. I think of introversion-extroversion as a natural variation in the human population, so a method that deals with self-organising teams needs to work with introversion or it discourages half the potential workforce.

What do you see as the problem that needs to be fixed?

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