AdaBox005 is in the UK

I’ve just spent almost £200 buying AdaBox, uumm, boxes. This might have been a mistake, but I got excited when I saw that AdaBox005 was getting a proper UK release, so pre-ordered it right away, then went and back ordered boxes 001 and 003 as well (mostly because they’re the only ones they had in stock).

Let me back up a sec, as I’d imagine a lot of you are asking “what’s AdaBox?”

AdaBox is one of these curated box schemes (like Loot Crate) based around electronics - specifically the stuff produced by Adafruit. Much like with Loot Crate, you don’t know what you’re going to get in each box until it’s delivered (which is half the fun). Each box also has a number of tutorials you can follow, using the components contained within, which make them an excellent learning resource.

The problem is, it wasn’t available in the UK. I remember asking over on the Pimoroni forums if there were any plans to bring the subscription service to the UK - and it seem, almost a year later, there were! Kinda.

After a while, the boxes were made available for back order on Pimoroni, but you missed out on some subscriber exclusives such as batteries and a nice pin to wear - plus, something about knowing what was in the box before ordering it made it less fun - somehow!

So I held off buying any of them. Soon 002 was available, then 003 and 004 (I very nearly got 004, but held off).

Anyway, 005 will ship in September, but unlike the other boxes, we in the UK have the limited ability to pre-order it to arrive at the same time as the folks in the US do, and will get the subscribe exclusives. Alas, this isn’t the start of a subscription (which I’d totally sign up for if it was available), but I reckon it’s a dipping of the toe for Pimoroni, to see how popular the idea is, before committing.

That said, when I placed my order at 1pm there were 100 boxes available, now, less than 2 hours later, it’s down to 79, so I don’t think they’re going to have any issues with demand.

Anyway, watch this space - I’ll no doubt be back with updates as I play with all my new toys.


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